Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gurgaon - The Singapore of Inida

Gurgaon is the industrial as well as financial centre of Haryana. This city is known as the out-sourcing capital of India. Some call it Cyber City or Millennium City. Gurgaon is one of the major satellites of Delhi and is part of the NCR (National Capital Region). It is also called the Singapore of India for its imposing skyline and contours of skyscrapers.

Gurgaon is now considered as the symbol of the rapidly progressing urban India. It depicts a changing and dynamic India; an India where economic growth and infrastructural development are no longer confined to the metros, but are spilling over to what can be best described as mini-metros, along with small towns and cities. The whole scenario of the city has changed to such an extent that if some old timer local resident, who has not been there for the last seven-eight years, visits Gurgaon now, he would feel totally lost and may find it very difficult to locate even his own home.

Gurgaon is now one of the best cities in India to live as well as it is the best city to earn. Today, Gurgaon needs no introduction. It has caught the popular imagination to such an extent that it is being showered with all sorts of admiring labels. Gurgaon is looked upon as one of the most preferred cities for not just job opportunities but also because it offers unparalleled growth opportunities.

Gurgaon’s fast paced growth has been quite exemplary; it has become a source of motivation to other regions in India. Factors like Favorable tax policies by the Haryana government, consistent improvement in the city’s infrastructure by the HUDA, better law & order and the proximity to the Indira Gandhi International Airport – New Delhi have led to the emergence of Gurgaon as one of the most prominent outsourcing and off shoring hubs in South Asia – at the cost of other NCR cities in its neighborhood.

In Gurgaon one finds series and series of stunning high-rise buildings, good broad roads and new bridges beaming with high end cars. Gurgaon skyline is very impressive and indicates the growing economic power of the nation. However, Gurgaon contrasts with Singapore in one respect, that while blue sea embraces the latter’s skyscrapers, Gurgaon’s skyline overlooks lush green fields.


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    Your feature on Gurgaon is an eye opener to me.
    Interesting that you compare it to Singapore,and how rightfully so, your images confirm your observation. Cheers from Kindly Yours (Kin Yuen)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Alan. Your feature on Gurgaon is an eye opener to me as well. Your analogy is interesting and convincing as the image reaffirm your findings. Well done and keep in touch always,

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  7. Gurgaon also has huge drawbacks:
    1.Frequent Power cuts in summer
    2.Severe water shortage
    3.Locals are uncultured, money minded,power mongering & disrespectful.
    4.High crime rate & pollution and severe traffic jams.
    Yes Gurgaon is indeed unrecognisable. A far cry from Singapore.

  8. I have also heard the people are very unclean in their personal habits

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